Who is Suren?

Suren Ratwatte, FRAeS, is an accomplished pilot, airline executive and aviation researcher.

He became one of the world’s first Airbus A380 Captains, was previously SriLankan Airlines’ CEO and has also been featured in several books and academic publications.

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  • Air Italy in controlled shutdown

    Air Italy in controlled shutdown

    Airline bankruptcies usually happen suddenly. Passengers are stranded all over the network and chaos reigns. Air Italy (formerly Meridiana) has given two weeks notice and will cease operations on February 25th 2020. This is an unusually prolonged period between announcement of a shutdown and ceasing flights. It appears that flights for the next fortnight will […]

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  • The 737MAX – written a year ago

    The 737MAX – written a year ago

    The Boeing 737 MAX – how does it affect me? The second fatal crash of Boeing’s latest aircraft, the 737 MAX 8, in Ethiopia on March 10th has reverberated around the world. The MAX is the latest iteration of Boeing’s classic 737 design that first flew in 1967 and is the world’s best-selling jet airliner, […]

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